Wool Properties

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This PDF has a brief history of wool in Australia, plus many interesting facts. Did you know that sheep have around 9,600 wool follicles per square cm of skin, with a fine merino fleece producing around 100million fibres? Wool is also insulating, hydrophilic, scaled and crimped. The PDF contains a table of wool properties, showing crimp, micron and staple length of a variety of breeds. Wool is often covered in Yarn Magazine, with different breeds looked at through various issues.


How to Spindle PDF

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to make you own yarn, but don’t want to commit the time, money or space required for a spinning wheel? Spinning (or spindling) with a drop spindle could be the answer. They are compact, and range in price from the ultra cheap, to the hand crafted super luxurious models. This PDF shows you how to start making your own yarn, with step-by-step photography and instructions. Issue 16 of Yarn Magazine takes a look at spindling Faux Silk (tencel, bamboo, soy and banana fibes), and is a great follow-up to this downloadable PDF.


How to read a Chart

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If you have been putting off having a go at lace knitting or cables, because of a fear of charts, then this PDF will demystify the whole process for you. Chart reading is explained in simple terms, with a few examples to follow and try for yourself. We often feature lace or cable patterns in Yarn Magazine and after reading this PDF you should be confident enough to cast on!