About us


ArtWear Publications is an Australian independent publishing company, 100% Australian-owned, with head office based in Melbourne. We focus on providing quality magazines for the textile and fibre arts, and more recently vintage lovers as well, each packed full of ideas, inspiration and news.


Meet a few of our people:


Kylie Albanese lives on the NSW coast with her darling husband and 3 gorgeous kids. She believes that happiness and enjoyment of your life is what counts and has recently had a “sea change” after being in a more rural area a little inland. A qualified graphic designer, she has worked on half a dozen magazines, but this is her first adventure into the world of self-publishing! Kylie is our stylist, and layout/graphic guru who is also very instrumental in getting all the magazines to our printer and up onto the digital platforms.


Lynda Worthington is a full time textile artist after previous lives as a medical research officer, and business and resources manager.  Art and crafting (across a wide range of crafts) have been part of her life since she was very young. Her two children are grown now.  She lives in Melbourne.  Lynda is our contributor contact point and advertising guru, does administration, as well as being Editor of Embellish magazine and the Editor-in-Chief and Craft Editor for Vintage Made magazine. If you are interested in seeing some of Lynda’s textile art, click HERE.


Rie Natalenko is the Editor of Yarn magazine. She has a doctorate in creative writing and is also an educator. In addition, she is a passionate craftsperson: felting, working with textiles, knitting, sewing, crochet, appliqué, fabric painting, embroidery, spinning, weaving….. Rie is the face behind The Write Impression. More about The Write Impression may be found HERE.


Moira Simpson is the Editor of Textile Fibre Forum magazine. She is a professional writer and a practising artist who uses fibre arts, encaustic, acrylics and collage. She teaches workshops and gives illustrated presentations. Her qualifications are in visual arts, art education, and museum curatorial studies, specialising in museum and art gallery education and cultural diversity in the arts. In 2010, she was awarded a doctoral degree entitled The Spirit of Change in Contemporary Museums which explored issues associated with the protection, display and interpretation of Indigenous sacred and ceremonial objects in museums and community cultural centres. Moira brings over twenty years experience of teaching in schools, universities and in museums and art galleries as well as extensive travel and research in a number of countries. More about Moira may be seen HERE.


Martien van Zuilen, Editor of Felt magazine, is a felt artist, writer, curator and dyeing artisan living in Perth, Australia. She exhibits her distinctive felt art nationally and internationally and since the late 1980s has delivered feltmaking workshops at all levels of experience throughout Australia, in Europe and the USA. Martien is the founder of the Victorian Feltmakers and for 18 years coordinated the Australian National Yurt Project. In 2013, she completed her PhD in Anthropology with an ethnographic thesis on the significance of women’s textile art in Australia. Alongside her teaching schedule and editing FELT, Martien runs her dyeing business Colourant Dyeworks and she is the Convenor of Fibres West Inc. All this makes for a busy and creative life! Martien’s artwork is published in numerous international publications, including Showcase 500 Art Necklaces (book), Textile Fibre Forum, Felt Matters, ViltKontakt, Fiber Art Now, Yurts Tipis and Benders (book), FELT, verFilzt Und zugeNäht, Pots and Pods for Feltmakers, Adventures in the Third Dimension (book), and Worldwide Colours of Felt (book). For more information regarding Martien and her art, please click  HERE.


Muriel Farquhar is our Food and Technology Editor in Vintage Made. Muriel grew up on the Mid North Coast of NSW, greatly influenced by a mother who loved to garden, cook and create. Now owning a huge fruit and vegetable garden, Muriel loves to experiment with cooking, growing unusual fruits and vegetables, and is totally fascinated by all manner of technology.


Michelle Davies is currently designing Textile Fibre Forum and Embellish magazines – designing Textile Fibre Forum magazine, at a pivotal point of its redesign, and has been instrumental in the changes in the design of Embellish magazine. Until recently, Michelle was also designing Yarn magazine. Michelle spent 20 years as a print journalist in newspapers and magazines, specialising in layout. She retrained in Graphic Design over 10 years ago and focuses her business on publication design and layout. To find out more, visit her website HERE.


Cilla Poa-Heighway is our graphic designer for Felt and more recently Yarn magazines. Located on the beautiful Tweed Coast of NSW, Cilla’s expertise consists of magazine layout, magazine & newspaper print, logo design, advertising, brochures, flyers, digital advertising, typography, web design, posters and menus. She has worked with us for some 10 years now, recommended by Kingscliff TAFE NSW as a fresh creative design student. She has also worked on Embellish and Textile Fibre Forum Magazines.  To find out more, visit her Facebook page HERE.


Miranda Worthington was our Lifestyle and Entertainment Editor in Vintage Made, and is now concentrating on her work as a producer in the film and television industry, creating some of Australia’s best and most-loved comedy and light entertainment, as well as continuing as the graphic designer for Vintage Made (as “Not the Plank!”). She holds a Bachelor in Contemporary Arts (focusing on art and design from 1900 to today) and studied film and television at the prestigious Victorian College of The Arts. With a deep passion for music, Miranda has travelled the world to make documentaries on blues and rock’n’roll, and has an ever-increasing collection of vinyl. She has worked professionally as a graphic designer, and loves to nerd out and collect fonts—currently teaching herself how to do hand lettering. With an extensive research background, she has a passion for the history of Australian TV, and will surprise your preconceptions of what a 30-something should know about 1950s Australiana. Miranda may be contacted via our contact page.