Here you can subscribe to our wonderful magazines! 
Subscriptions will start with the NEXT issue to come out, so if you wish to start a subscription with the issue currently out, you will need to purchase that issue separately. See dates below for clarification.

Renewing a subscription? Order the subscription you wish added to your current/expiring subscription and it will be added on for you – please note, your renewal will begin with the NEXT issue out at the time of your renewing, so if you will end up missing an issue, it will need to be purchased separately. See dates below for clarification.

Please contact us if you have a question or need help.
There are two issues per year for Vintage Made and Felt (each June and December), and four issues per year for Embellish, Yarn and Textile Fibre Forum (each March, June, September and December).
Cut-off dates for subscriptions/renewals to next issue available:

Subscription start with March issue, order by 15th February

Subscription start with June issue, order by 15th May

Subscription start with September issue, order by 15th August

Subscription start with December issue, order by 15th November
If for some reason one of the issues from your subscription does not arrive, a missing issue claim is required to be made within 6 months of the publication of that issue. Any replacement issues will incur a postage charge.

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