Patterns and PDF’s


LinksWe have some great patterns available for you – most as downloadable PDFs and some as hard copy patterns.


To find the pattern you are after, click on the links in red below.




Bags and Accessories



PDF Value Packs



Scarves, Cowls, Beanies






Sweaters and Jumpers



Tops and Shrugs



Vintage Patterns



Wraps, Shawls and Vests



Hitomezashi: We also have a small, downloadable computer program (Windows only) available for creating Hitomezashi embroidery patterns for you to hand embroider. Hitomezashi is a simple form of traditional Japanese embroidery done entirely in equally sized running stitch. The interaction of the horizontal and vertical stitches can create some very intricate repeating patterns. Hitomezashi is also known as one-stitch Sashiko. Click HERE for more information.