In the words of Maggie Righetti “That errors creep in is a massive understatement. That they are unintentional goes without saying.” If something got away from us in the editing process, we’ll catch it sooner or later (with a little help from our readers) and we’ll put it here. And please do let us know if you think you’ve found an error, because working from patterns with mistakes is no fun.


EMBELLISH issue 52 – Colours of the Reef Anne Mitchell (page 14)

We apologise that on page 15 a symbol did not transfer across correctly into print. In the last paragraph on this page, the sentence should read: “It needs to reduce to about 2/3 its size compared with lying flat.”


TEXTILE FIBRE FORUM issue 145 – Cover and contents page

We sincerely apologise to Diane Wood Conroy for the error in the spelling of her surname on the front cover and in the contents page.


YARN issue 57 – Animalia – Rosie Rabbit  Jenny Occleshaw (page 15)

We apologise for omitting the pattern for the ears for Rosie Rabbit by Jenny Occleshaw:

Ears (make 2)

Using 2.75mm knitting needles and 4 ply cotton, cast on 8 sts.

Rows 1-5: Knit.

Row 6: K3, Kfb, K4 (9sts).

Rows 7-9: Knit.

Row 10: K3, kfb, K1, kfb, K3 (11sts).

Rows 11: 43 – Knit.

Row 44: K1, K2tog tbl, knit to end.

Row 45: Knit .

Repeat last 2 rows until 3 sts rem.

Break off yarn, thread through rem sts, pull up tightly and fasten off.

To Make Up

Sew ears to top of head using cast on yarn. Darn in any loose ends.


YARN issue 53 – Golden Glow Wrap Anne Breen (page 21)

We apologise that the following was omitted from this gorgeous pattern:

The pattern: Line before cast on should read ‘work 2 pieces‘.

After 25th row it should read ‘Rep last 25 rows until work measures 80cm.’

Cast off firmly.


YARN issue 51 – Mint Twist Michelle Gordon (page 50)

ArtWear Publications sincerely apologises to Michelle Gordon and our readers for the accidental omission of the chart and schematics for the “Mint Twist” project. Click HERE.


EMBELLISH issue 33 – Leaf Shadows: A Boro-inspired project (Thread and Needle Keeper) Andrea Taylor (page 33)

Andrea sent in some additional instructions for adding a tie to the thread and needle keeper – unfortunately too late to go into print, so we have them here for you ☺:

To Finish

A fine twisted cord or narrow ribbon, approx 50 cm long, can be attached to the middle of the straight edge of the loose flap side, so your thread keeper can be tied and secured.

Find the centre of your cord or ribbon, stitch it to the halfway point on the outside and camouflage the area with a decorative button or bead stitched over the join. Tie a knot at the end of each twisted cord and trim, or cut the ribbon on a slant.

Now enjoy your useful and decorative thread keeper.


EMBELLISH issue 32 – India Postcard Swap Beverly Freeman (page 28)

Beverly sent in additional information about her postcard which did not make it to print, so we have it here for you ☺:

The techniques that I used were: wool felt for the background and the lotus flowers, and then wool roving for the stems, letters, and flower highlights. My inspiration was an Indian textile pattern I saw in a catalogue.


EMBELLISH issue 28 – Eucalyptus-Dyed Table Runner (page 30)

Tina Whiteley’s gorgeous Eucalyptus-Dyed Table Runner has an error in the quantity of materials needed – you need two strips 1.5m by 0.5m (not 5m) – apologies from both Tina and Lynda that they did not pick this up prior to printing.


YARN issue 43 –  Funky Leg Warmers (page 20)

ArtWear Publications sincerely apologises to Juliette Bland and our readers for a glitch in production which resulted in the charts for the Funky Leg Warmers pattern being omitted from the magazine. Please click on the links to find the three parts which need to be read in conjunction with the published pattern: Part 1Part 2Part 3.



ArtWear Publications sincerely apologises to Nancy Ballesteros for a glitch in production which resulted in two incorrect photos appearing in the article on Nancy’s “Journey of Colour” page 16 – both pictures on the right hand side of the page are incorrect. The error has been corrected in the digital version of Textile Fibre Forum issue 117.
ArtWear Publications also apologises to Annette Nykiel and Juliet Hargreaves from whose article the pictures came.


Yarn 25 Elven Hooded Scarf by Amy Jansen (updated 12 March, 2012)

Pg 10 under Right Side and also Left Side should say “work rows 1-76” (not work 176 rows). Pg 11 & 12 under First half of Neck Band and Left Side and also Second half of Neck Band and Right Side should say “work rows 1-28” (not work 128 rows). Pg 13 under Centre should say “work rows 1-41” (not work 141 rows). The second chart on page 12 has the top stitch chopped short, but is p3tog. Due to time constraints (on our behalf) Amy did not get the opportunity to proof errors introduced during publication.


Yarn 24 Cupric (updated 30 Jan, 2012)

No quantity was stated – design uses 1 ball.


Yarn 24 Lace Top (updated 30 Jan, 2012)

Lace Top by Annie Modesitt, under the Body heading, Round 1 should say: “k4, VDD, k4″…instead of k5.


Yarn Issue 23 The Beast Socks (updated 30 Jan, 2012)

c3b abbreviation should say: “slip 2sts onto cable needle, hold to back, k next st and then k2from cable needle”.


Yarn 23 Belle Socks (updated 30 Jan, 2012)

The bottom chart numbers 1-31 should read from right to left.


Yarn issue 19 Sleeveless Cardigan (updated 1 Sept 2010)

Page 29, first column, between 3rd last and 2nd last lines should say “Next row: As row 2”. Also on page 29, but in the second column, above the bold Work Body heading it should say “Next Row: Purl”. If doing the waist shaping your garment will be a few cm longer than the stated length. In issue 20 of Yarn this pattern (without the suggested alteration possibilites) will be reprinted, errata free.


Yarn issue 14 Sally’s Studio Sweater (updated 3 June 2009)

Instructions for Row 1 were missing the Yarn Over at the very beginning, and should read as: k1, *yo, k3,sl 1, k2tog, psso, k3, yo, k1* repeat from * to * to end of round. >


Yarn issue 14 Soft Embrace Scarf (updated 5 June 2009)

The written instructions and chart are both correct for this gorgeous scarf. Above the chart it says “Work charts as they appear but do not work stitch between each chart”. The original charts were supplied in three parts, with a gap between each, but we combined the charts to avoid confusion. The above comment should have been deleted. Below the chart is says “12 Stitch Repeat” but does not show 12 stitches. Please ingnore, as the resizing and combining of charts made the repeat line short.


Yarn issue 12 All Wrapped Up (updated 25 Feb 2009)

Instructions for Row 17 had the asterix in the wrong place, and should read as: k2, *yfwd, k2tog* to last 2sts, k2.


Yarn issue 12 Miss Rachel’s Cable Cap (updated 25 Feb 2009)

The visor template was missing. Please email or write in if you require the visor template.


Yarn issue 11 Ella Silk Baby Top (updated 25 Feb 2009)

The yarn was stated as being Fibreworks Vibrance, but the yarn was actually Fibreworks Mulberry Silk Yarn. The yarn specs in the magazine were correct.


Yarn issue 8 Melba Vest (updated 25 Feb 2009)

The “I” in the Melba pattern should actually be a “J”. Also, on page 36 under “Writing your pattern” part “F”, please note alterations to (b) & (c):
“b. Distance from outer edge of garment shoulder to your shoulder
point + 1cm = ____cm.
c. Distance from inner edge of garment shoulder to the front centre of
neck (the dip between your collar bones – use a straight ruler), + 1cm
= ____cm x 2.3 = ____(Fc) sts.”

At the bottom of Page 34, the wording should state “Now, over the page, fill in your own schematic, and write your answers in the spaces provided”. Page 35 is omitted from the PDF – this page is a whole page photo of the vest only. 


Yarn issue 8 The Naughty Little Cable (updated 25 Feb 2009)

There were some mistakes in the multiple versions of the original PDF. The correct PDF is now available via email.


Yarn issue 7 Classic driving gloves (updated 25 July 2007)

Instructions for the cables on the gloves were omitted from the printed pattern. These are available by email request.


Yarn issue 7 Swirly Girl Socks (updated 25 Feb 2009)

Written instructions for the socks, page 38 Leg Round 15: *P2, k2, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, repeat from * around. The chart is correct as shown.


Yarn issue 7 Zig Zag Purls Scarf (updated 25 Feb 2009)

Row 9, section A should read as:  k1, p1, *p1, sl2 wyif, p2tog, yo* rep from *to* to last 2sts, p1, k1.


Yarn issue 3 Baby steps (updated 1 Sept 06)

Under ‘Divide for heel’ pattern should read: Repeat Rows 1–2 a total of 8 times, ending on a p row (for a total of 16 rows). Under ‘Turn heel’, pattern should read: Row 1: Sl 1, k10, k2tog, turn. Row 2: Sl 1, p 6,p2 tog, turn. You should start with 3 sts on either side of the ‘gap’, and when you finish the decreases, 8 sts on the needle.


Yarn issue 7 Mosaic socks (updated 3 Nov 06)

The mosaic stitch pattern used in these socks is a 10-stitch multiple. The colour chart as printed shows only the 10 sts that are repeated to form the pattern. The accompanying text should read: Rounds 1 and 2 (MC): k4, sl2, *k8, sl2*, repeat from * to last 4 sts, k4.
Rounds 3 and 4 (CC): [k1, sl1] twice, *k2, sl1, k1, sl1*, repeat from * to last 6 sts; k2, [sl1, k1] twice.
Rounds 5 and 6 (MC): sl1, *k8, sl2*, rep from * to last 9 sts; k8, sl1.
Rounds 7 and 8 (CC): k1, sl1, *k 6, sl1, k2, sl1*, repeat from * to last 8 sts; k6, sl1, k1.
Rounds 9 and 10 (MC): Repeat Rounds 5 and 6.
Rounds 11 and 12 (CC): Repeat Rounds 3 and 4.
Rounds 13 and 14 (MC): Repeat Rounds 1 and 2.
Rounds 15 and 16 (CC): k3, sl1, *k2, sl1, k6, sl1*, repeat from * to last 6 sts; k2, sl1, k3.
Round 1 (increase round): Needle 4: K8 (9, 10), m1, k1.


Yarn issue 7 Rugged Up Vest (updated 30 Mar 07)

The following instructions have been corrected so that the ribbing pattern matches up over the garment’s shoulders. Front right Using 4.5 mm needles and Italian method, cast on 25 (28, 30) sts (half the number of stitches required plus one). With 3.75 mm needles work 4 rows slip-stitch rib as follows: Row 1 (RS): K 1, yf, sl 1, yb; repeat to last 3 sts, k2tog, sl 1 (48 [54, 58] sts.) Row 2 (WS): K 1, yf, sl 1, yb; repeat to end. Repeat Row 2 twice. With 4.5 mm needles work ribbing pattern set-up row as follows. For smallest and largest sizes: Row 1 (RS): (K7 p2) 5 (6) times, k3. Row 2 (WS): P3 (k2 p7) 5 (6) times. For medium: Row 1 (RS): K3 (k7, p2) 5 times, k6. Row 2: P6 (k2, p7) 5 times, p3. For all sizes: Repeat these two rows until work measures 40 cm from cast-on edge (not including waste yarn). NeckWith circular needle, pick up 16 (20, 20) sts from front right holder, 12 (9, 13) sts along right neck edge and over shoulder, 32 (36, 40) sts from back neck holder, 12 (9, 13) sts over left shoulder and down neck edge, and 16 (20, 20) sts from from left holder (88, 86, 106sts).


Yarn issue 3 Snug

Row 5: K1, m1 [k6, m1] 4 times, m1, k1 (36 sts). Back: After increases are completed, knit 84rows st st without shaping.


Issue 2 Café Latte tie-front cardigan (Updated 1 May 2006)

Under heading Right back shaping, text should read “Next two (WS) rows: cast off 2 (3, 3) sts purlwise, purl to end.” Under heading Left back shaping, text should read “Next two (RS) rows: cast off 2 (3, 3) sts, knit to end.” Under heading Right front, text should read “Work as for left front, reversing all shaping. Use ssk to decrease rather than k2tog.”


Yarn issue 2 Versailles shawl clarification

The Versailles lace panel is a multiple of 10+4. The first rows of the chart are worked as follows: K2, *k10, repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2. Row 2: K2, *yo, ssk, k 8, repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2. Continue as shown, noting that the shaded squares designate “no stitch to be worked”.


Yarn issue 1 Jeanius cardigan (Updated 10 Feb 2006)

Shape neck and fronts by decreasing every fourth row rather than ever other row.


Yarn issue 1 Short and sweet socks (Updated 10 Nov 2005)

Under heading Turn heel, text should read: “With WS facing, sl 1 p 12…”