Recommended Suppliers: Yarns




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Australian Alpaca Yarn – one of the largest colour ranges available in various plys of Australian Alpaca Yarn.  They are a specialised yarn supplier using only 100% Australian alpaca fleece sourced from some of the best alpaca studs in Australia to produce their high quality yarn.


Banksia Yarns – offers an array of fine knitting yarns from lace-weight to chunky in a kaleidoscope of colours. In store they have: Australian and Imported: wools / mohair / alpaca / cotton yarns; Knitting & crochet: hooks / needles / patterns etc.; Tours & groups welcome (by appointment)


Fibreworks – the colours of Australia on hand-dyed yarns and fibres.


knitalpaca – created from quality Australian alpaca, spun for knitalpaca by a specialist fibre mill, their yarns are grown and entirely produced in Australia. They are luxuriously soft and prickle free. With the exception of their unique ‘Colouratura’ hand dyed suri and new yarns ‘with a twist’, yarn colours are entirely natural: no dyes are used in these yarns.


Marlyn Alpaca – Alpaca yarn is wonderfully soft and warm, without the prickle problems which concern some people. Our aim is to be able to associate each yarn with an individual animal, as there can be surprising and pleasant variations from one to another. For hand spinners, they have nice soft alpaca rovings and cardings ready for you to blend or spin directly.


Moseley Park – have lots of Sock Yarns,but also stock Lace Yarns, and 8 ply yarns. They also have lots of beautiful hand dyed Fibre blends, as well as a wide range of Natural coloured fibres.


ORA Fabulous Fibres – At ORA they love natural yarns and have a large beautiful collection including vegan, recycled and fair trade. Their plant based range includes eco-friendly and sustainable raffia yarn, banana silk yarn, pineapple fique, hemp, coconut, ramie and bamboo fibres. Their beautiful recycled yarns repurpose waste materials from textile production including sari silk, sari cotton, linen and wool. ORA love artisan yarns and stock one of the largest ranges of Habu Textiles and Daruma Yokota yarns where small mills craft fascinating yarns often using traditional techniques. They are fully committed to lessening their impact on the environment and are well on the way to totally eliminating plastics from their business. 


Salamanca Wool Shop (TAS Wool Co.) – sells wool in many many forms – fine, boiled, felted, knitted, dyed, or blended with other fibres. They also sell patterns, womenswear, menswear, children and accessories.


Tantech – With a background in the tanning industry, Tantech Pty Ltd was established in 1997 to develop & market a specialty detergent for washing medical sheepskins to the new Australian Standard developed by the CSIRO. Because their sheepskin detergent washed the wool as well as the fibre, Tantech identified a market for their detergent for all natural fibres such as alpaca, mohair & cashmere as well as cotton. This started the development of their fibre craft range – Delicates Wash, Felting Finish & Wool Wash and Fibre Scour.