Key points to remember

Key points to remember…


Anne Mitchell uses a special liquid colour, Liquid Radiance, in her ongoing projects for Embellish magazine and has some key points for you to remember when you are using them:


“Excess is the enemy”: Because of the unique formulation of Liquid Radiance, it is vital to apply to the fabric only what it will absorb. Fabrics should not feel ‘sloppy’ or ‘drippy’ when colours are applied as this can result in ‘overload’ that will make the fabric heavy and stiff when colours are dry.


“While there’s moisture, there’s movement”: After the fabric has been coloured, the colours will continue to move through the fabric while they are still wet. Form the pattern to create your end result, then leave the fabric alone until it is dry! Do not fiddle with it! During the drying time, the way you have handled the fabric will create the end result and you will not see that result until the colours are completely dry. The difference between wet and dry is amazing! What is exposed to the air will become darker, while what is enclosed in the folds or scrunches or under the heliography shapes, will become lighter.


Non-toxic and non-polluting: Liquid Radiance colours are safe to get on your skin and wash off easily with soap and water. It is safe to put them into household drains. It is safe to use utensils from your kitchen cupboards in designing techniques. Whatever you use from your kitchen (or other) cupboards can be washed up in the normal way for use with food afterwards.


Permanence in fabric: When Liquid Radiance is dry in the fabric, it is stable and cannot be removed from the fabric. It is heat set to maximise its washability and colour fastness when it is dry.




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