Rugged up Vest – (PDF)


Rugged up Vest

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To knit the Rugged up Vest, you will need:

Yarn Bennett & Gregor Wirraworra 8 ply (100 % wool, 50 g/1.75 oz,75 m/82 yrd), 9 (10, 11) balls. Colour: tawny owl (natural shade).
Needles and notions 4.5 mm/US 7 (1 circular and 1 pair straight);3.75 mm/US 5 (1 long circular and 1 dpn in a similar size); tapestry needle for sewing up and weaving in ends; 67 (69, 73) cm; 26.5″ (27″, 29″) open-ended zipper (or length required), needle and thread for stitching zip.

The following instructions have been corrected so that the ribbing pattern matches up over the garment’s shoulders. Front right Using 4.5 mm needles and Italian method, cast on 25 (28, 30) sts (half the number of stitches required plus one). With 3.75 mm needles work 4 rows slip-stitch rib as follows: Row 1 (RS): K 1, yf, sl 1, yb; repeat to last 3 sts, k2tog, sl 1 (48 [54, 58] sts.) Row 2 (WS): K 1, yf, sl 1, yb; repeat to end. Repeat Row 2 twice. With 4.5 mm needles work ribbing pattern set-up row as follows. For smallest and largest sizes: Row 1 (RS): (K7 p2) 5 (6) times, k3. Row 2 (WS): P3 (k2 p7) 5 (6) times. For medium: Row 1 (RS): K3 (k7, p2) 5 times, k6. Row 2: P6 (k2, p7) 5 times, p3. For all sizes: Repeat these two rows until work measures 40 cm from cast-on edge (not including waste yarn). NeckWith circular needle, pick up 16 (20, 20) sts from front right holder, 12 (9, 13) sts along right neck edge and over shoulder, 32 (36, 40) sts from back neck holder, 12 (9, 13) sts over left shoulder and down neck edge, and 16 (20, 20) sts from from left holder (88, 86, 106sts).

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