Yarn Issue 5, 6, 7 & 8 on CD





Conveniently bundled on one CD, you can now access issues 5, 6, 7 and 8 on your home computer – print off the patterns or articles as you need them, and keep the rest of the information for future reference on the CD.


Issues 5, 6 and 7 have sold out in paper versions!


This CD would make a great gift for knitters, feltmakers, textile artisans, overseas mates (where you need light-weight gifts) and teachers or workshop practitioners.


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Yarn Issue 5

Yarn issue 5


Meet Mel Clark – a Q&A by Barbara Coddington


Knitting in Public – the healing art of craft by Kylie Gusset


Spin Out in the Park – the South Australian Handspinners and Weavers Guild by Barbara Coddington


Pocket Science – creating pockets in knitting by Melissa Deutsch Scott


Yarn on a Shoestring – the time for giving by Sarah Golder


Simple Gifts – a number of patterns by Sarah Colder:

  • Knitted Tea Cosy
  • Reversible Cushion Covers
  • Coat Hanger Covers
  • Techie Pocket Socks
  • Simple Socks


Teed Up – 3 designers, 5 inspirational T-shirt renovations – Mitsuko Tonouchi, Kylie Gusset, Prudence Mapstone


Vintage-inspired Paisley Skirt – a knitted and crocheted skirt by Vivian Tng


Windflowers – a retro-inspired jumper by Mary-Helen Ward


Gumleaf Lace Shawl by Kathryn Gunn


Outback Opera Camisole by Juliana Ellis


Holiday Halter by Gitta Schrade


Amanda’s Shawl by Beth Cohen


Brighton Beach Bag by Melissa Deutsch Scott


Sashay Silk Belts by Liz Haywood


Daria Choker by Kylie Gusset



Yarn Issue 6

Yarn issue 6


Vale Marta Cantos (1947-2007) – Painting the heavens wild by Irene Buschtedt


Thinking Stitches – the rights and wrongs of copyright by Jennie Pakula


Yarn on a Shoestring – Knit’s a giving thing by Sarah Golder


Knitting in Public – an independent spirit by Kylie Gusset


Priscilla A Gibson-Roberts – a revolutionary thinker – Barbara Coddington


Making Yarn – using drop spindles (including choosing and using them) by Belia Head


Confessions of a Secret Spinner by Rebecca Kaesler


Astrakan Vest – form fitting and fun to wear by Susana Depetris


Hailstone Jumper – a garment that will grow with your boy by Barbara Coddington


Sunday Jumper by Yarn Staff


Windy Point Wimple – embellished lace to protect against the elements by Sivia Harding


The Gentle Art of Knitting with Beads by Sivia Harding


The Long Bar T-top – slinky drape vintage style by Liz Haywood


Lone Heart Heel Socks – kick up your heels in this lacy clog sock by Melissa Deutsch Scott


Cathedral Windows Shawl – big and beautiful circles in soft alpaca by Liz Haywood


Russet Shawl – autumn tones and crocheted elegance by Sarah Golder


Felted Floral Market Bag by Catherine Christie


Triumph in Disaster by the Yarn Staff


I Like Coffee, I Like Tea: Two Cosies – cabled cosies by Megan Longhurst


Twisted Delight – a beanie recipe for your first handspun yarn by Catherine Christie



Yarn Issue 7

Yarn issue 7


Thinking Stitches – carried away by wool by Catherine Christie


Knitting in Public – knitting á la mode by Megan Longhurst


The Butterfly Effect by Amanda Crane


Let me Draw you a Picture by Jennie Pakula


Clean and Green by Annie Bruce


Yarn on a Shoestring – Playing Dress-ups by Sarah Golder


Blue Willow Cap  by Ginevra Martin


Classic Driving Gloves by Liz Haywood


South Cape by Brenda Wilson


Swirly Girl Socks by Deby Lake


Red Centre Spats by Liz Haywood


Ruffle Wraparound Vest by Liz Haywood


Piha Vest by Mel Clark


The Thinking Man’s Jumper by Sarah Golder


Long Cabled cardie Coat by Susana Depetris


Tie and Kerchief Skirt by Sarah Golder


Scarf Central – 5 patterns:

  • Gardenia Scarf by Kylie Gusset
  • Zig-zag Purls Scarf by Katie Grady
  • Christiane Collar by Ditte Larsen
  • Shoulder Scarf by Judith Avery
  • Reversible Baby Cable Scarf by Sarah Golder


Earflap Cap by Liz Haywood



Yarn Issue 8

Yarn issue 8


On the Road, Off the Cuff and Totally Over the Hill – Nicky Epstein – a Q&A by Amanda Crane


Angel Puff Scarf by Nicky Epstein – nuts about felting? Try this simple shibori project.


Knitting in Public – The revelers of Ravelry by Kylie Gusset


The Hairy Eyeball – a husband’s view of fibre changes after his wife’s pilgrimage to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show by Damian Young


Yarn on a Shoestring – the goodness of leftovers by Sarah Golder


Step up Your Spindle Technique by Amelia Garripoli


Spring Green Bag – a felted tote by Lisa Ashton


Lacy Corset Cami by Wendy Knight


Radiant Lace Shawl – light and lovely crochet for summer style by Sarah Golder


Floriane’s Wedding Bag by Jennie Le Guen


The Knitting Nerd – a fitting end by Jennie Pakula


Melba by Jenni Pakula


Buried Treasure Socks by Sivia Harding – beads and cables create baroquely beautiful socks


Ballet Wrap by Juliana Ellis


Butterfly Lace Stole by Liz Haywood


Beaded Lace Lingerie Set by Sarah Barbour – a vintage-inspired camisole and shorts set


The Basics of Knitted Felt





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