Recommended Suppliers: Fibres



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Fibreworks – the colours of Australia on hand-dyed yarns and fibres.


Kathy’s Fibres – an extensive range of handpainted rovings, tussah silk tops and yarn plus other fibre goodies.


Marlyn Alpaca – Alpaca yarn is wonderfully soft and warm, without the prickle problems which concern some people. Our aim is to be able to associate each yarn with an individual animal, as there can be surprising and pleasant variations from one to another. For hand spinners, they have nice soft alpaca rovings and cardings ready for you to blend or spin directly.


Tantech – With a background in the tanning industry, Tantech Pty Ltd was established in 1997 to develop & market a specialty detergent for washing medical sheepskins to the new Australian Standard developed by the CSIRO. Because their sheepskin detergent washed the wool as well as the fibre, Tantech identified a market for their detergent for all natural fibres such as alpaca, mohair & cashmere as well as cotton. This started the development of their fibre craft range – Delicates Wash, Felting Finish & Wool Wash and Fibre Scour.