Recommended Suppliers: Graphic Designers



Graphic Designer

As a publishing company it is vital that we have excellent graphic designers! The following are our treasured graphic designers, who will also be able to help you out with your graphics needs:


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Smiley Kylie’s Graphic Design – Kylie oversees all of our magazine titles, and is instrumental in getting them uploaded to our printer, as well as preparing the titles and uploading them to our digital platforms. Originally, Kylie was designing Yarn, Felt and Embellish magazines. Kylie may be emailed at smileykylies (at) bigpond (dot) com or contacted via our Contact Page.


Mishy Dee Creative Designs – currently designing Embellish and Textile Fibre Forum magazines, Michelle has also designed Yarn magazine. Michelle spent 20 years as a print journalist in newspapers and magazines, specialising in layout. She retrained in Graphic Design over 10 years ago and focusses her business on publication design and layout.


CPH Creative Studio – currently designing Felt and Yarn magazines, Cilla has also worked on Embellish and Textile Fibre Forum magazines, and is available for all your graphic and digital design work – to make your business truly shine.


Not the Plank! – currently designing Vintage Made magazine. Contact is via our Contact Page.