Embellish 34 Quilt Show Kyushu

A Quilt Show in a Far Away Place: Kyushu, Japan


Andrea Taylor takes us to a far away place in Embellish 34 after she discovered that there was a major quilt show, being held for the first time, in Fukuoka, capital of Kyushu, Japan, just half an hour drive from where her son and his wife live.


She gives a great overview of the show, and a little back story of some of the participants, as well as many wonderful photographs. There were so many photos, that we could not fit them all into the article, so have some extras for you here, as promised.



Standing on the 1st floor looking at a wonderful panorama of quilts.


Hiroshi Tomihisa, his mother and aunt at their stall.


Ikko produced screen printed fabrics in traditional designs of the Aniu of Hokkaido.


A closer view of one of the pieces of fabric.


Business card

Ikko and Ichiai advertising business card, showing an eclectic mix of wood cut printing, Boro, and crazy patchwork.


The full article is available in Embellish 34 in hard copy format HERE, or digital format HERE.


You can check out Andrea’s Facebook page HERE.






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